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Don’t let National Child Support Awareness Month slip by you

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Family Law

Every year, August is National Child Support Awareness Month. The aim of having the month-long focus on child support is to reinforce the importance of financial support for children — whether or not the paying parent chooses to take an active role in that child’s life.

Children aren’t cheap. It’s expensive to raise a child because there’s always a need for new clothes, medical care, dental care, vision care, school supplies, school fees and more — and those are just the expenses directly related to the child. There are also household expenses like groceries, utilities and rent that are necessary to keep a child in a stable home.

Many parents who are on the receiving end of child support rely on those payments to make ends meet. Without them, the child definitely suffers.

So, what can you do if your child’s other parent is refusing to pay support or has fallen behind on his or her obligation and doesn’t seem to care?

First, contact an attorney. You shouldn’t try to handle this issue alone. Our office has experience handling both child support modifications and parents who fail to pay their court-ordered support.

Second, recognize that you are not without options. The law allows for a variety of actions when a parent refuses to pay his or her court-ordered support. If negotiations fail, some of the options available to force the issue include:

  • Garnishing the other parent’s paycheck
  • Seizing the other parent’s tax returns
  • Revoking the other parent’s driver’s license
  • Suspending the other parent’s business or occupational license
  • Seizing and selling any property that is in the other parent’s name
  • Jailing the other parent for noncompliance

Naturally, you don’t want to have to take it that far — and you probably won’t. Once a parent realizes that you simply aren’t going to give up on your efforts to collect, many choose to pay rather than face the unpleasant consequences.

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