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Is your spouse playing dirty during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Not every divorce can be the mutual, amicable parting many struggling couples hope for. Those spouses who opt for calmer methods of divorce, such as mediation, may still find there are topics that raise their ire or bring out the worst in their partners. Ideally, even in a litigated divorce, both sides can remain civil as they fight for what they want.

You cannot always guarantee this will be the case. You may think you know your spouse well, but when a marriage begins to fall apart, it is not easy to predict how one spouse may react if he or she feels wronged or blindsided. For this reason, you will want to be alert for any of the common ways an embittered spouse may try to retaliate during the divorce process.

Watch for these tactics

Some tactics a grieving or vindictive spouse may take against a partner during a divorce can create a lifetime of struggle and hurt. You may see the signs, such as your spouse threatening to make you sorry or insisting he or she will do anything to gain the upper hand. Often these schemes involve the children, but even if your divorce does not involve children, you will want to watch for any of the following:

  • Running up your legal fees by forcing you to communicate through your individual attorneys to discuss the terms of the divorce
  • Filing unreasonable petitions to drag out the process and cost you money
  • Refusing to continue paying his or her share of the household expenses, such as the mortgage and utility payments
  • Refusing to deliver court-ordered support until the latest possible moment in the grace period
  • Running up outrageous debt on joint credit cards or cards with authorized access
  • Emptying your joint bank accounts

If you do have kids, your spouse may refuse to allow you access to them during the divorce, which can greatly affect your bid for custody. More seriously, your spouse may try to deny you parenting time by petitioning for full custody or even accusing you of mistreating the children.

This is not the time to take such actions lightly or to blame them on your spouse’s emotions. Instead, you would be wise to bring any negative actions or threats to the attention of your Texas attorney who can take legal steps to protect you and work to obtain a fair and just divorce order or settlement.