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A mediated divorce may benefit both parents and children

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Divorce, Family Law

Parents in San Antonio who are divorced are still linked together by a very important person: their child. Their joint responsibility to raise their child in a healthy and supportive matter does not change just because they have divorced. If they are hostile towards one another, they may be tempted to use their child as leverage in the divorce. However, this does not serve the best interests of the child, and in fact can cause lasting harm. Therefore, parents can benefit from having a healthy divorce that puts the needs and well-being of their child first.

For some parents, a mediated divorce is a good way to end their marriage. Through mediation, the parents will work with a neutral third-party — the mediator — to negotiate their divorce legal issues, including child custody. The ultimate goal of mediation is for a divorce settlement agreement to be reached that will be approved by the court. The mediator is not a decision-maker. Instead they work as a go-between to help facilitate productive conversations between the parties to the divorce.

Mediation can help set the stage for future positive communication between parents. Keeping the kids out of the conflict between parents can help them adjust to divorce. If parents both respect each other’s time with their child, by avoiding bad-mouthing one another, being on time for child custody exchanges and by not pitting the child in the middle of their conflicts, parents can go a long way to helping their child thrive post-divorce.

Is divorce mediation right for everyone? Not necessarily. If domestic violence or parental neglect is an issue, if one parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol or if a parent is incarcerated, mediation may not be the best choice. However, every situation is different and even parents who do decide to mediate their divorce may benefit from having an attorney represent them. Family law attorneys in San Antonio understand how the law applies to a parent’s divorce and can explain their rights and options.