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When a child wants to live with their other parent

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Uncategorized

When a child approaches their parent and tells them that they want to change their Texas residence, it may be a difficult situation for that parent. Whether the child is living with them or wants to move in with them, there are numerous pitfalls to avoid.

If the child wants to move away, it is important to stay calm and open the channels of communication. The child may be frustrated or may even change their mind in the future. A parent should see this as the beginning of the conversation and not the final word. They should let the child have their say and make sure to listen to everything. Even though it may seem personal, the parent needs to be careful not to take it personally because that may make the situation worse.

The parent also needs to engage the other parent and bring them into the conversation. They should take care not to disparage the other parent because that may land them in trouble in court. Most important is to remember that the child needs to be able to express themselves and be heard. This can head off future problems, and it may end up strengthening the relationship with the child. However, overreacting and making this into an area of conflict between the parent and child can lead to a permanent rupture in the relationship.

When confronted with this reality, a parent needs to take a step back and understand how this may affect them legally. They may want to contact a child custody lawyer to learn about how this could affect their custody rights. These issues might end up in front of the court if they cannot be worked out, and one needs to be prepared in case there is a custody hearing.