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A parenting schedule should take several factors into account

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2020 | Family Law

No one goes into a marriage or begins a family with divorce as the goal. However, sometimes things happen that leave a once-happy couple with no choice but to dissolve their marriage. Couples in Texas need to know how to make a co-parenting schedule that will benefit their children and themselves.

Consider the children’s schedules

As children begin to grow and develop, they often become interested in extracurricular activities. When a divorced couple is trying to create a mutually beneficial schedule, they must take the hobbies and interests of their children into consideration. If one parent lives far away from the children’s school or the places where they play sports, dance or take part in other events, that individual should be willing to make concessions and adjust his or her schedule accordingly.

Consider giving the children a vote

Obviously, this principle applies more if the children are older and slightly more mature. It also requires both parents to agree to try to avoid creating tense situations in which the children are choosing between their parents.

Instead, if your children are mature enough to make such decisions, be open to letting them break away from the set schedule. In these cases, the kids will be happier and feel more involved in their care.

Avoid seeking revenge

Whenever a marriage ends, the ex-spouses often find a way to blame each other. Whether there is actually any blame to be assigned, it is a routine part of the divorce process. When working out a custody agreement, couples should make sure that neither of them is coming from a place of seeking revenge.

A trusted attorney can help his or her client when working towards a custody agreement. Multiple steps must be taken when filing a custody agreement, and a lawyer who is well-versed in family law can help his or her client through that process.