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Can I qualify for spousal support?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Divorce

Texas law generally allows individuals to seek alimony as part of a divorce settlement. There are many factors that will often be taken into account when determining whether alimony is appropriate in a given case. Depending on the facts of your case, you might be entitled to spousal support payments for a limited period of time after your marriage comes to an end.

Entitlement for spousal support

Generally speaking, you’ll be more likely to obtain alimony if you were married to your spouse for more than a decade. Furthermore, courts are more likely to award financial assistance to those who are sick, elderly, or otherwise unable to work. Finally, you may be entitled to spousal support if you voluntarily left the workforce to care for a child or to otherwise make it easier for your spouse to pursue his or her career goals.

Entitlement to reimbursement for certain expenses

In some cases, your spouse may be ordered to reimburse you for expenses incurred for that person’s convenience or benefit. For instance, if you paid to put your spouse through college, he or she may be required to repay that money. You might also be entitled to reimbursement for medical bills, legal fees, or other expenses that you paid on a former partner’s behalf.

Working with an attorney may make it easier to obtain a favorable divorce settlement. In some cases, a favorable settlement may include spousal support payments or other forms of financial assistance. If you left the workforce during your marriage, it may be possible to seek a larger share of joint assets as compensation for time spent managing the household while your spouse worked.