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An only child can suffer during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Family Law

Being an only child has many perks, but there are some downsides to being one as well. Only children who have divorcing parents face some unique challenges. It’s up to the parents to help them as they work through this major life change. 

An only child may be close to one or both parents. When they find out that their parents are splitting up, there are many things they may be concerned about. Consider these tips as you help your only child to come to terms with your divorce.

Create a united parenting front

You and your ex need to show your child that you’re going to continue to parent as a team. You can get off on a good footing by telling your child about the divorce together. Having both parents together to have this discussion lets them ask questions. This may quell your child’s fears that they will have to choose between parents. 

Encourage your child’s time with family and friends

An only child doesn’t have siblings to talk to, so they may need someone to vent to and discuss things with. They need to know that they can spend time with family members and friends who can give them the support they need. 

Find a consistent routine that your child can follow

Having a routine in place can help your child immensely during this transition. If possible, work with your ex to ensure that your daily schedule is the same for both homes. This might require your two to have consistent bedtimes or study schedules. 

Any parent going through a divorce should ensure that they create their parenting plan as quickly as possible. This outlines what terms they will follow as they raise their child together. Getting this done right away gives everyone the chance to adjust to the new way of life immediately.