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You Can Trust Us For Experienced Defense Against Drug Charges

Drug charges in San Antonio, Texas, can carry serious consequences that could affect you for years afterward. You could have to serve jail time or pay fines, and you may be convicted of a felony that could affect your job opportunities for the rest of your life.

You need an attorney who understands the severity of these charges and everything that’s at stake. At Brown and Brown Law Offices, we take every charge seriously and fight tirelessly to protect your rights. Regardless of your circumstances, you deserve a skilled defense that will ensure you’re treated fairly.

How We Can Protect Your Freedom

Penalties for the possession of drugs are based on the type of drug, how much you’re carrying, past convictions and other factors. However, it’s the prosecutor’s responsibility to prove that the defendant knowingly and intentionally had a controlled substance in their possession without a prescription. This can be difficult to prove, and we can use a wide variety of strategies to defend you in court.

For example, your sentence may be reduced if:

  • You didn’t know that you possessed the drugs without a valid prescription
  • The drug was prescribed for medicinal purposes
  • Your Miranda Rights were violated or proper procedures weren’t followed
  • The drugs in question weren’t intended for human use
  • Other defenses specific to your situation

There are four basic classifications of drugs in Texas, excluding marijuana. The charges against you and possible defenses may depend on what substance you were found to be carrying.

The lawyers at Brown and Brown Law Offices will listen closely to your side of the story and develop a strategy personalized to your situation. We have years of experience defending clients on a wide variety of criminal and drug charges, and we’re confident that we can defend you no matter how serious the charges may seem.

We’re Ready To Help You Today

When your freedom is on the line, call us today. We’re the aggressive, resolute legal advocates you need who won’t give up on your case. We’re experienced and confident in the court room and won’t back down in a challenge.

Get in touch with us through email or call our firm today at 210-742-2503 for immediate legal action on your behalf.

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