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Notice: Due to COVID-19, Alan Brown will do in person criminal consultations practicing social distancing, Zoom conferences, or teleconferences. Jean Brown will do family law consultations through Zoom or teleconference. Call to set up your consultation today.Alan Brown 210-227-5103 Jean Brown 210-354-2662.
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State Criminal Charges Are Just As Serious As Federal Ones

Crimes are most often prosecuted at the state level, but this does not mean that the charges are any less serious. The penalties you face depends on the severity of the criminal misconduct, but may still include heavy fines and possible jail time. However, with strong legal representation, you can protect your rights and even potentially reduce a penalty.

If charged with a crime in Texas, seek counsel from the attorneys at Brown and Brown Law Offices at once. The sooner you meet with a lawyer, the more time you will have to plan a defense.

We Are Fiercely Protective Of Our Clients

With just under 80 years of combined experience, our attorneys are more than qualified to assist you. We have a reputation as a fiercely protective firm that won’t back down from a fight. Should your case go to trial, you can feel confident that we will defend your rights.

Common cases we are able to assist you with include:

  • DUI/DWI arrests
  • Weapons or firearm charges
  • Traffic offenses, such as reckless driving
  • Violent offenses ranging from assault to murder
  • Drug possession, trafficking and distribution
  • Physicians who overprescribe pharmaceutical drugs

Dealing with federal criminal charges or state level offenses can be overwhelming. But you certainly do not have to go through this alone. Get our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys on your side today.

Conveniently Located To Serve San Antonio And The Surrounding Area

For more information about what our firm can do for you, visit our San Antonio office. We invite you to take advantage of our free initial consultation. Rest assured that anything you discuss will remain private and confidential.

Call 210-354-2662 to schedule a meeting with us today or get a hold of us using the online contact form. Spanish-speaking clients welcomed! Nosotros hablamos español!

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