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When It Comes To Custody, We Help You Put Your Child First

In a hostile divorce, custody is sometimes used as leverage between the parties involved. But as parents, you and your spouse have a responsibility to your children. This does not change during or after the end of your marriage. Throughout the dissolution process, the welfare of any child involved should take precedence. For this reason, we place great value on maintaining the bond between you and your children.

We understand that addressing the issue of child custody is important. It not only concerns your child’s living arrangements, but also affects how the court determines who pays child support. But rather than making a hasty decision based on spite, you can benefit from working with your spouse on an effective co-parenting plan. Let the attorneys of Brown and Brown Law Offices help you move beyond the emotions so you can focus on what is best for your family today.

Why Sole Custody Might Be Given Over Joint Custody

As with most cases, the court will intervene in custody matters when parents cannot agree on a plan. In Texas, a judge will almost always favor joint custody. By doing this, the court seeks to do what is best for your children. But this presumption may not always be the case. Situations do exist in which a spouse is not qualified to share custody.

Such extenuating circumstances, like the following, can lead a judge to grant sole custody:

  • A frequently absent parent
  • An abusive or neglectful parent
  • Any involvement with drugs
  • Criminal activities of any kind
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

Knowing this can help you determine how best to navigate a complex custody dispute.

Protect Your Children Or Your Right To A Relationship With Them

If you believe that your spouse is unfit to hold custody rights, we will help you fight for the best interest of your children. On the other hand, if you are denied visitation rights or a relationship with your children based on false pretenses, we can also protect your rights.

Find The Path That Works For You And Your Family

At the end of the day, we know that you want what is most beneficial for your little ones. Whether this means taking your case to trial or seeking an alternative to court. While we are capable litigators who are ready to defend your case, we are also skilled mediators who can help you reach a peaceful settlement.

Visit us at our San Antonio office to learn more about our services and how our family law lawyers can assist you. Together we can discuss your options and which route might better suit your needs. Call 210-354-2662 for your  initial consultation or schedule an appointment using the contact form today. For Spanish-speaking clients who require assistance: nosotros hablamos español!