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San Antonio Attorneys Guiding Clients Through Uncontested Divorce

Not every divorce is filled with acrimony, accusations and battles over property. Perhaps you and your spouse agree that it is time to end your marriage. If so, you may have low-cost divorce options that save you significant time, stress and uncertainty.

The attorneys of Brown and Brown Law Office are ready to guide you through your simple or uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse are on relatively good terms and looking for a way to move on with your lives as soon as possible, we will show how to do it without sacrificing your parental or property rights.

What Makes Uncontested Divorce Different

Traditional divorce is an adversarial process much like any other civil court dispute. Uncontested divorce is an alternative in which one spouse files for divorce, then the spouses negotiate agreements on all divorce matters, such as child custody and dividing your marital property. Then the spouses submit their settlement to the family court judge, who grants the divorce.

This procedure generally works best when there is not extensive property to be divided or other issues to work out. The more property there is to divide, the more likely it is you will need to use another method of divorce. But for many couples in the San Antonio, Texas, area, uncontested divorce is the perfect way to dissolve their marriage while maintaining cordial relations and avoiding the expense and delays of typical divorce.

Talk To A Brown And Brown Lawyer About Simple Divorce In Texas

To learn more about uncontested divorce so you can decide if it is right for you, come visit our San Antonio office for a confidential consultation. Schedule an appointment by calling 210-354-2662. Hablamos español.