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5 reasons to end your marriage

Marriage can be messy. Keeping a relationship healthy and happy requires a lot of work over time. Some spouses simply fall out of love over time if they change in different ways or were just temperamentally ill-suited to be together.

Here are five ways to recognize that your marriage is over:

Assault charges in Texas are not to be taken lightly

Many people go their entire lives without getting into a serious physical altercation with another person. You may have expected that you would live your life in such a manner, but unfortunately, that is not how it worked out for you. Now, you are in trouble with the law.

Whether you had a few too many drinks and ended up in an altercation with another person or were defending yourself from someone else who had a few too many, you have legal options if authorities have charged you with assault and battery. In order to understand those legal options, you may first want to understand the charges you face.

What's the weapon focus effect?

If you were faced with an armed robber, would your mind be on the gun or the robber's face? If you saw a shooting in the middle of a street, what would attract your attention more: The flash of the muzzle when the gun goes off or the actions of the shooter?

Eyewitness accounts regarding the circumstances of a violent crime or the identity of the people involved tend to be weak when there's a weapon involved. The presence of the weapon is often enough to drive other details straight out of the witness's memory -- particularly when the presence of a weapon is unexpected.

Texas custody battle puts gender identity into the spotlight

Two Texas parents in the throes of a divorce both still deeply love their child. The problem: One parent says that the child is a girl, and the other parent says the child is a boy. Now, the courts are involved and politics are in play.

This issue surrounds the gender identity of a child who was designated male at birth. The child's mother, a pediatrician, says that the child is a transgender female. The father disagrees.

Texas woman pleads guilty to injuring her child

Did a Texas woman really subject her young son to 13 unnecessary surgeries and dozens of pointless doctor's visits and hospital trips?

According to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office, she did. Now, she's accepted a plea deal that puts her in prison for a six-year sentence. She could have faced 20 years in prison for causing her child serious bodily harm, essentially via "medical child abuse."

What is the Castle Doctrine in Texas?

The concept of justifiable homicide as an act of self-defense has been in the news lately, mostly due to the trial of a Dallas police officer who killed a man when she mistook his apartment for her own.

The police officer's defense rested on the concept of the "Castle Doctrine," which gives someone who is threatened in their own home the right to use lethal force to protect themselves. This is similar to the broader "Stand Your Ground" laws in many other states -- with a few important differences. If you live in Texas, it's wise to understand exactly how self-defense claims involving a homicide can work.

Are you worried your addicted spouse will get custody?

You may have spent much of your marriage parenting alone. Have you been dealing with little crises, like scraped knees and lost pets, without the help of your spouse? Do you make excuses to your children about why their other parent is not there to watch their baseball games, dance recitals and award ceremonies? Is this because your spouse is addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Living with an addict is stressful and frustrating. It may even be frightening at times when you worry about the wellbeing of your spouse or fear for the safety of your children. If you have reached your limit and are preparing to divorce your spouse, you should seek the solid legal advice that will help you make wise decisions about the custody of your children.

Getting a divorce? Don't try to skirt the notification procedure

Nobody looks forward to telling their spouse that they want a divorce -- but one Texas husband took a rather extreme route of avoidance altogether that's now landed him in serious legal trouble.

Instead of notifying his wife that he wanted out of the marriage, the 51-year-old Houston resident decided to simply forge her signature (and forge the signature of a notary) on paperwork agreeing to the split.

Murder and manslaughter: What's the difference?

There are several differences between the types of charges that can result from a homicide -- and it's in your best interest to understand the shades of meaning as well as you can if you've been accused.

Let's discuss the legal distinctions between murder and manslaughter.

Understanding resources for ex-convicts in Texas

It’s tough being an ex-convict in America.

The U.S. Department of Justice reported that, of prisoners released in 2005, 86% went on to get rearrested at least once within the next nine years. Most of those arrests occurred within the first year of release. What that roughly means is that most of the prisoners released went back into the system.

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