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Go slowly when introducing your kids to your new partner

Many divorced parents spend more time with their kids in the summer than during the school year -- particularly if they live some distance away and/or don't have primary custody of them. If you have a new significant other in your life, it may be difficult to keep that relationship from them -- and you may not want to. You love this person, and you're sure your kids will, too.

However, it's essential to go slowly when introducing your kids to your new partner. Talk to your co-parent first. It's typically not a good idea if they learn about this person from your children rather than you. Your co-parent may have some thoughts (or requirements) regarding how much this person can be around the kids and under what circumstances.

Understanding the basics of child custody in Texas

If you are a parent who has recently begun the divorce process, it is important to familiarize yourself with the two types of conservatorship, sometimes known as child custody, available to you in Texas. The two types of conservatorship include joint managing conservatorship (JMC) and sole managing conservatorship (SMC). 

San Antonio police arrest man for credit card skimming

Law enforcement agencies take credit card skimming seriously. This is a form of credit card theft that involves stealing another person's credit card information by placing a small device -- a skimmer -- on a credit/debit card reader. Most people outside of law enforcement can't spot a skimmer.

Once a skimmer is in place, when someone inserts or swipes their card, the information in the card's magnetic stripe is saved. It can then be used to create a counterfeit card or to make online purchases.

Will Texas’ strict marijuana laws see changes?

In recent years, several states have legalized recreational possession of marijuana. However, Texas seems unlikely to be joining this list in the near future. State law is currently very strict when it comes to this drug.

For one, being found guilty of possessing even small amounts of marijuana in the state can expose a person to jail time and significant fines. This underscores how deeply life-altering being accused of marijuana crimes can currently be in Texas.

What are the rules for a post-divorce relocation with your child?

If you are divorced and have a child custody agreement, what happens when you or your ex-spouse decide to move out of state with the child?

This is a difficult situation rife with emotion, concern for the wellbeing of your child and a threat to the custody schedule.

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