Criminal Law
Alan Brown: 210-227-5103
Criminal Law
Alan Brown: 210-227-5103
Family Law
Jean Brown: 210-354-2662
Serving clients throughout San Antonio and the surrounding region

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Notice: Due to COVID-19, Alan Brown will do in person criminal consultations practicing social distancing, Zoom conferences, or teleconferences. Jean Brown will do family law consultations through Zoom or teleconference. Call to set up your consultation today.Alan Brown 210-227-5103 Jean Brown 210-354-2662.
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“Not only did Alan get me out of my legal troubles, he changed my life! We have kept in touch over the years and I highly recommend him!”

– Carter Lambeck

“Alan Brown is the best.”

– Tiffany Velegas

“Jean, Morgan and their staff were very friendly and compassionate in regards to my recent circumstances. I found them to be fair, honest and forthcoming and kept me informed in regards to the process and my rights legally. They were fair in their billing, didn’t do unnecessary work that would increase costs but represented me in the most professional way. I would highly recommend their firm for your family law needs.”

– Stephanie Gardner

“I’m a single Father with five children… and I can honestly with all my heart tell you that Jean Brown is amazing! She genuinely cares about you and your case. If you are searching for someone to fight for you and your children stop your search now and hire Mrs. Brown. She is very honest, professional and has a good heart. Her whole staff is very friendly, and will take the time to answer all your questions. I can’t express enough how grateful my children and I are having Jean Brown as our Attorney. You really have a friend in your corner! Thank you very much for all your hard work ma’am! We love you Mrs. Brown!

Men please don’t be afraid to fight for your children, we can get custody of our children too. Any man can make a baby but a real man will fight with everything he has for his children no mater the cost! They are worth it, and it is woth the fight… Mrs. Brown believes in this and will fight for you! She is simply AMAZING!!!”

– Ricardo Campos

“She is the calm in the midst of the storm .
She will walk side by side with you through the rough waters of life .
She can read people, has a keen instinct and calm demeanor no matter what you’re facing.
She is your rock in the courtroom.
She is the one you want to hand you the life preserver.
If you not only want to stay afloat but safely land on both feet and walk into the sunset This is your lawyer .
She won’t allow you to drown even in the deepest darkest waters .
She will always persevere for you and have your best interest at heart. Do what she asks and you will succeed in these treacherous waters . She’s an expert when it comes to Custody battles and divorces.
Your case will always be a priority.”

– Anonymous